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Join the email Group

The purpose of this email group is to facilitate communications within our community, and to connect us to our extended community (who can't bear leaving us entirely) by using the simple tool of group email.

This group is open to any unit owner, immediate family members of unit owners, renters, and prior unit owners who have since moved to other locations but still have a strong connection to GWL.

Please do not register if you are not appropriately affiliated with our community. Your registration will be rejected.

Why join the email group?

This email group is the primary means of informal communication for the residents of Glen Wild Lake. It is the best resource available to remain informed regarding items of general interest to our community and the extended Glen Wild Lake family.

01. Community Alerts

Is a bear or a septic truck blocking the road? How thick is the ice? When is the water being treated? You need to know NOW!

02. Public Events

Is the sailing race cancelled because of rain? When is that float-in movie or concert? Get all of the important announcements!

03. Beautiful Photos

A sunset, a sunrise, another bear, a turtle. Docks and mist, mist and docks. Or ducks. Misty docks with ducks. All of this can be yours.

04. Whatever, wherever, whenever?

Where should you eat? Need to borrow a drill bit? Want to buy a used boat? Need a glassblower? Find it all here.